The Brothers Calling bio

The Brothers Calling

A musical homecoming

Ryan Gittoes and Ash Perrow met at a local farmers market where Ash was performing. Ryan asked if he could sing a few songs with Ash and by the middle of the second song they’d been booked for their first gig.
What has followed this far has included over 600 shows, the formation of legendary Gold Coast band The Lamplights, state, national and international songwriting and performance awards, the building of loyal fans and a swag of memorable, touching and inspiring songs and the formation of their new project, The Brothers Calling.

Renowned for their songwriting as well as their performances, the pair touch on matters of the heart with the essence of an insightful awareness. Audiences get the feeling that they’re witnessing the true essences of these musicians - not some played out, contrived show personalities.

As a singer Ryan has a chocolate smooth tone with twinges of Australian spice. His engaging presence and ability to hold space for a song and an audience is remarkable. On weissenborn, acoustic and electric guitars, Ash weaves a fine balance between heart tender folk and driving blues. Together the pair deliver a hypnotic ability to bring in audiences like moths to the flame.

With their hearts on their sleeves, The Brothers Calling offer an opportunity for audiences to feel something unique, deeply moving with a thread of fun and humour woven through. With a batch of well received singles gaining popularlity on streaming services, their debut album under The Brothers Calling brand will be released in August 2020.