There's a special magic about The Brothers Calling live show. It makes you feel more like you're coming home than going out. ” - Emily Holler

— Mojo Bullet

The Brothers Calling

The Brothers Calling live

'Ash and Ryan are men that walk and talk from their heart. They live and breathe a conscious and courageous approach to life and music. Every song emanates a palpable warmth, authenticity and kindness. This is what makes their music exceptional.

In addition to all this, they display a proficiency and a dedication to their craft that has previously led them seemingly effortlessly, to win multiple songwriting awards. I simply can't recommend The Brothers Calling enough. For their musicianship, their ability to enrapture an audience and most of all for their beautiful humanity.

The Brothers Calling and their extended family of musical collaborators have an uncanny ability to make all members of the audience feel like they're deeply connected to their special community. A place of belonging, happiness and love.'

Emily Holler




Live Footage at HOTA Gold Coast - Duo

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